WELCOME project is divided in 9 Work Packages (WPs). A brief description and their dependencies are presented below.



WP1: Project Management and Quality Assurance

The major objective of this WP will be to guarantee the successful realization and conclusion of the project including the project administration and control, risk management, problem handling and quality assurance on management levels. This WP makes sure, that the project runs to budget, is on time and the expected results are achieved. This goal will be reached by ensuring the correct and efficient collaboration between partners.

WP2: Clinical and End-user Requirements

This work package focuses on the analysis of the requirements from the point of view of users (patients, clinicians, informal carers etc.) as well as on the clinical practices shortcomings. This analysis will involve the requirements on i) patients’ multi-parametric monitoring; ii) the clinical personnel’s and users’ practices on monitoring, diagnosing, deciding and therapy; iii) long-term monitoring of COPD patients with their monitoring (construction of an administrative database based on a statistical analysis) and iv) cloud integrated care approach. Furthermore, WP2 will plan the validation performed in WP9. 

WP3: Complete System Design

This WP aims to design the overall system in terms of architecture, components, algorithms, electronics, textiles, software applications, communications, security, interconnections and interfaces. In this WP, User scenarios will be developed to drive the complete design and outline the technical requirements. All system components that are going to be realized in WP4, WP5 and WP6 will designed in this WP.

WP4: Development of Vest Components and Electronics

This WP aims to deliver the vest product and its sensors. In other words the vest shall be designed, manufactured, programmed (for the sensors) and verified/tested at component level. The sensors will be evaluated in terms of performance, user-friendliness, costs and if-needed manufacturability. The requirements of this WP will be extracted based on WP2 and WP3 specifications.

WP5: Development of DSS, Algorithms and Cloud Services

This WP concerns the “cloud” exploitation of monitored data and their combination with external data in order to address the detection of pertinent conditions related to COPD and comorbidities as well as extract conclusions for supporting therapy. This WP concerns the implementation of signal processing algorithms, algorithms for symptom detections, and DSS methodologies for COPD and comorbidities treatment.  Moreover it includes the development of database system, cloud related services and interfaces that will receive and deliver the process outcomes to relevant users. The developments of this WP will be based on the requirements extracted in WP2 and WP3.

WP6: Development of Medical Applications

This WP will develop the software applications used by all involved parts in the system. The applications will be the points of interaction of the users with the rest of the system and will utilize the data processing results through an intuitive user interface in order to provide personalized feedback to all users as well as a coaching strategy to the patient giving him/her a central role for the management of their disease. All applications will be developed using the principles of User Centered Design (UCD) as well as a multi-platform approach for supporting a variety of mobile and stationary devices.  The developments of WP will be based on the requirements extracted in WP2 and WP3, and will be in close co-operation with WP5.

WP7: System Integration and Prototyping

In this WP all the micro-electronics components (vest, diabetes kit, etc.) will be integrated in a single hub. Moreover all the applications developed in WP6 will be integrated in the WELCOME cloud. Furthermore this WP will assemble the overall system including all ICT components as developed in previous work packages. Finally this WP includes the production of required equipment that will be utilized during WP8. 

WP8: Verification and Validation

A two-dimensional validation and verification process will be carried out through this WP. The first dimension concerns the iterative validation and verification process starting with single parts evaluation to in-vitro and in-vivo tests and evaluated in terms of sustainability and performances feeding to further development if required. The final prototype will be used in-vivo tests on patients under the guidelines of the clinicians and following the ethical certifications protocol. The second dimension concerns the validation of our solution to the field of integrated care. The system will be tested in five countries with different health-care systems (Germany, Greece, UK, Netherlands and Ireland), in order to be evaluated in terms of feasibility, acceptance and impact as a treating tool, taking into account the legal, socio-cultural and ethical aspects existing in each pilot country. In this WP the training of WELCOME users will also take place. 

WP9: Dissemination and Exploitation

The impact on European economy is guaranteed by the planning and management of exploitation, the dissemination and the follow-up activities. Results will be made available to the research community and industry to let this technology take off. In the course of the project new areas for research and development will be identified. Moreover, this WP promotes project results dissemination and relationships with other EU and non-EU projects and creates appropriate liaisons with external bodies.


Universitätsklinikum Schleswig-Holstein

Inventya Ltd

Universidade de Coimbra

Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel


Kingston University Higher Education Corporation

Smartex S.R.L.

Ciro+ B.V.

Kristronics GmbH

Croydon Healthcare NHS Trust

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

CSEM Centre Suisse d’Électronique et de Microtechnique SA

Royal College of Surgeons In Ireland
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